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Features of Aluminium Rolling Shutter Door Products

1, Aluminum Alloy shutter doors durable, beautiful appearance of high strength, high toughness and corrosion resistant Aluminum Alloy double layer curtain sheet (single), 6063t5 Aluminum Alloy material, resisting, anti scratch, blocking the door malicious intrusion, security is more effective. The appearance of Aluminum Profile adopts electrostatic powder spraying process, which has strong weatherability, anti-aging, rain resistance and corrosion resistance, and the service life is over 20 years.

2, Personalized design

According to your actual installation hole size, accurate to MM production, providing products. And the curtain has 36 color choices, the most common colors are white, gray and ivory.

3, Applicable installation space

The aluminium alloy rolling door is suitable for any installation hole, and the rolling door is closed at the upper part of the installation hole, only the height space of the upper part of the hole is occupied.

4 、 Satisfactory mute operation

The silent operation of the rolling shutter door gives a deep impression. Minimize operating noise by using a silent operating system at the garage door.

5, Let you feel the anti-theft performance

The rolling shutter garage door can effectively prevent theft. If the automatic release lever device installed in the tiger shutter garage door, will greatly enhance the security performance of your garage door.

6 .Running light

Reliable balance system, powerful driving device, well made guide rail and flexible roller make the door easy and flexible to operate.

7. Lighting system

It can be equipped with automatic lighting system with time delay function, and the delay can be set as required.

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