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Description: XY62TT thermal break exterior open casement window series
XY62TT thermal insulation cold-bridge exterior open casement window series
1) The most ideal design, adopting the newest thermal-break design with simple and rational structure and excellent performance of heat-insulation, sound insulation and sealing
2) Adopt the square line and the round arc line
3) Colors can be different inside and outside to meet customers' requests
4) Adopting the special fittings to make assemble simpler and more rational
5) With window remote control

Download the pdf drawings of " XY62TT Window Door Series"
Description:XY95TT Thermal Break Sliding Aluminum Door
1) Air-tightness sliding window
2) Can adopt glasses single or hollow, the thickness of hollow one can be chosen
3) High window intensity, safe and durable, suitable for all kinds of skyscraper
4) You can choose any color you like, and even grainy picture
5) The window frame durable, corrosion resistance, can be used more than 50 years
6) High-quality hardware fittings, flexibly open and close

Download the drawings of " XY95TT Thermal Break Sliding Door Series"

Description:XY-F58 Thermal Break Interior and Exterior Open Casement Window Series (European style groove)
1) Heat insulation aluminium profile and hardware fittings
2) Interior-open-interior-tilt, interior and exterior open casement
3) Can freely fitted with sliding windows and doors, reasonable jointed, extremely convenient to install
4) Reasonable structure made by modularization, saves more materials and hardware fittings
5) Can inside and outside open and close
6) Needs only one stator to fix up
7) High security

Download the PDF drawings of "XY-F58 Thermal Break Casement Window Series"

XY802 hollow glass sliding window series
1) Excellent in performance and high-class product (B1 grade)
2) high resist to the wind pressure, flexible to open
3) Seal of good performance
4) Adopts pair seal, in the cannelure of the casement sealing strip, elasticity of the sealing strip automatic under the wind pressure
5) Defends rainwater to be permeability fine, makes rail adopt brood gauge level ladder shape, slideway adopting dark ditch circling round type
6) Aesthetic in appearance, luxurious and natural
7) The smooth appearance has no seam, and all of the screw nails are hidden in the body of extrusion-products

Download the PDF drawings of "XY802 Sliding Window Door Series"

Description:XY501sliding window/ vertical sliding series
1) The design is reasonable and novel, makes the aluminium window and plastic window together
2) With complementary advantages
3) The track, wheel, handrail, locking point can use the fittings of plastic steel window
4) Flexibly open, no noise, beautifully assembled
5) The internal and external frame each uses one type of profile association
6) The assemble of frame and fans joint by corner group, easily processed and with high efficiency
7) Can choose single glass or hollow type
8) Can use three-track frame, and both inside and outside screen can be chosen
9) Vertical sliding window with the vertical sliding fittings

Download the PDF drawings of "XY50 Casement Window Door Series"
Aluminum Alloy AA6063 AA6061 AA6060 AA6082 AA7075
Heat temper: T5 T6
Other Aluminum Alloy and temper are available upon your requirement
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